Dont´t you just love a romantic wedding decor? For me it´s the quintessential trend for wedding ambiance. Always classy, always breathtaking, a romantic wedding decor will sweep you and your guests off your feet.

Let the romance flow through the ballroom with all the white and pastel pink roses…the faint smell of all the roses gathered together is a nice touch too.

You might want to add cristal vases, candles and mirrors to enhance the romantic effect.

This wedding was hosted at Four Sesons Hotel in México City, a great venue for weddings. The ballroom was covered in beautiful white drapes  with a touch of pastel light.  The chandeliers were a beautiful focal point as well as the dessert and cheese tables, each decorated with grand flower arrangements.

All in all when you entered the ballroom you couldn´t help but falling in love and after all, that´s what weddings are all about…love .